Dressing Up, Role Play

Growing up is a lot of fun, especially when they can get involved in role play and dressing up. Role play or pretend play is also very useful in building confidence and can be used to inspire and improve imagination skills. Here you will find a number of role play toys for toddlers and young children, for girls and boys. There are also some dressing up props which can be used as part of role play. Looking at the origins of this term, ‘role play’ actually comes from a theatrical expression – the ‘role’ coming from the rolled up script actors used to use.

Cleaning role play toys are a great way of helping out with the housework, indeed little ones will be very keen to copy mum or dad in their jobs in the household. This type of play is also a great method of learning through simulation – teach them to tidy up their toys and clean after themselves from a young age and you will reap the rewards of this later – plus in the process they will have heaps of enjoyment playing with items such as the Cleaning Trolley. They will also learn to develop empathy for others and seeing things from other people’s points of view – by pretending to be mum or dad for instance.

Kitchen role play toys are extremely popular as they are generally packed with features and things to do. Kids often seen parents making meals so this is another reason why they wish to copy this sort of activity. Role play can help them understand how things work and why we use them in real life – you can even think about it as a mini rehearsal for when they are older and more independent when such skills are needed for everyday life. Role play toys in this category include some marvellous kitchens and these toys try and fit as many related activities as possible into one set – for instance the Deluxe Kitchen has an oven, hob, sink, fridge, plus accessories so there is plenty to get involved with here. Other kitchen sets include the Smoby French Excellence Kitchen, Superior Kitchen and Bon Appétit version too, so plenty to choose from. Children’s tea sets can also be used in conjunction with these sets so you not only cover food prep but serving it up as well