Say Hello to Barbra Millicent Roberts otherwise known as Barbie. Barbie is for girls, what Action Man is for boys and she is probably one of the world’s most recognisable dolls, having been created by American businesswoman Ruth Handler and manufactured by Mattel, she made her debut in 1959, so yes, can you believe it, she celebrated her 50th birthday in 2009 (don’t we all wish we looked that good at 50!)

The current range of standard Barbie dolls and related accessories are made to an approximate scale of 1:6 and are 11 1/2 inches tall approximately. Although over the years Barbie’s body, with only a few exceptions, has not changed regarding size and shape the same cannot be said for her face which has been continuously changing. If you take a look at some of the earlier dolls you will see her eyes were fixed in a sideways glance, these were changed in 1971 to look straight forward and in more recent times her face and hair are constantly changing to keep up with the varying modern day fashions and trends.

Over the years Barbie has always kept fashionably up to date with her outfits and accessories, a black and white zebra striped swimsuit was her very first item of clothing but goodness knows how many pieces would be in her wardrobe were you too count them all, from back then, to the present day! A true fashionista has too alter their look regularly and this is now possible with the swapping styles range, what could be easier than to change your hair and makeup at the push of a button.

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